Only a few days are left until the most enjoyable, scariest, and most extraordinary holiday of the year! We have listed our beautiful ideas for you to accompany the spirit of Halloween, which is believed to be the emergence of ghosts and ghouls, and to prepare your house and yourself for Halloween!

You can get inspired by our Halloween costume and decoration ideas to capture the wonderful atmosphere of Halloween and celebrate Halloween with your loved ones in the most fun way!

What’s Halloween?

Celebrated on October 31st every year, Halloween is a ceremony for people of the Christian faith. It is believed that the spirits of the dead visit the houses where they lived in the past, and people perform many rituals to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Halloween, where great fires are lit, terrifying masks and interesting costumes are worn, and scary decorations are prepared, has been celebrated in almost the same way in the past, but its meaning has changed.

The purpose of Halloween, which is now celebrated in every country, is to have fun with our relatives. In fact, Halloween, which is also known as a children’s holiday in America, is considered a day where everyone, young and old, comes together and celebrates.

When is Halloween 2022?

Halloween, which is eagerly awaited in many countries of the world, is on October 31, 2022. Preparations begin weeks in advance for Halloween, which coincides with a Monday this year. However, the atmosphere of celebration that started a few days before Halloween continues after October 31st.

How to celebrate Halloween?

On Halloween, when children dress in scary costumes and go from door to door and ” trick or treat to collect candy or pocket money; Adults get the Halloween spirit by dressing up as witches, ghosts, zombies, or horror movie characters.

Halloween has many symbols. Pumpkin, which is hollowed out and carved in the shape of a smiling face, is one of the first things that come to mind when Halloween is mentioned. Along with the pumpkin, objects such as ghosts, bats, witches, and witches’ broomsticks are placed in some parts of the houses for Halloween.

Halloween symbols, which are mostly preferred at the door entrances, especially for the visits of children and guests, are indispensable for Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Costume Selection

Costume selection, one of the most enjoyable activities of Halloween, brings many options.

Scary and creepy costumes are usually dominant, you can look like a ghost that has just come out of the grave, become the ugliest witch of Halloween 2022 by getting a huge witch hat and broomstick, or dress up as Frankenstein, which has never been aged for years!

There are many more alternatives to adapt to the Halloween concept. Pumpkin costumes, skeleton costumes, or bat costumes are among the most preferred for Halloween. However, such costumes can be preferred for children who are small members of the house.

When choosing a costume for Halloween, remember that you should scare everyone, especially evil spirits, with your dressing style!

Decoration Tips for Halloween

The decoration of your house on Halloween is just as important as your costume choice. You may need Halloween decoration ideas to welcome your friends or children who come to collect money to your door for the Halloween celebration in the most appropriate way. Don’t worry, we are ready to help you with our most effective decoration suggestions!

You can start by pulling aside the items you use daily and place the scariest decorative objects for your guests. For this, it is possible to get a successful Halloween decoration by using the prominent symbols of Halloween.

If you wish, you can hang a mesh resembling a large spider web on one wall of the house, and place very similar spiders and skulls on it. This area can be a great background for taking Halloween-themed photos with your guests.

You can hang witch hats and brooms from the ceilings of your house, and place witch figures in some corners. You can join this decoration, which will immediately attract the attention of those who enter the house, by wearing a witch costume and creating a wonderful unity with the decoration.

One of the places that need to be taken care of in Halloween decorations is the exterior doors. Days before Halloween, many people design their outer doors in accordance with the concept. If you want to decorate the entrance of your house for Halloween, you can place large and small pumpkins right in front of the door, buy a medium-sized skeleton and stick it on the door or put ghost figures on the floor.

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