Responsible Shipping

We want to create a community where everyone trust each other. Responsibility is what it takes to build such a community. New experiences,
earning money, helping people is great, but hosts must have a reasonable amount of commitment. Below here, you can find beneficial
information about being a reliable host.


What can I do to make a package safe for shoppers?

  • Secure the package or the product in a position that avoids the possibility of crushing, a fall, or a damage to the product.
  • Keep packages out of the reach of children, and protect the package to make sure it is not exposed to any kind of liquid or gas or direct sunshine.
  • Try to keep package around room temperature unless special conditions are required.

Whom should I notify that I’m hosting on Shippn?

  • Roommates or flatmates,
  • Family Members,
  • Friends or,
  • Anyone who can contact with the packages of your shopper

You may need to inform them about Shippn and what you are responsible for as a host.

General Regulations

What local regulations apply to me?

Ensure you look up any local taxes or business license requirements that may apply. This may include things like occupancy tax, sales, and other
turnover taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), or income tax.

Permits or Registrations:
Ensure you look up any permitting, zoning, and safety regulations that may apply. The governing authorities may have useful information on such