How international
package forwarding with
Shippn works?

Shippn is a community of trusted members helping each other unlock a world of opportunities to shop from anywhere in the world. At Shippn there are shoppers and hosts. Shoppers need help shopping from abroad to overcome issues with international delivery, hosts are individuals who can provide their address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. You can become a member to shop or register as a host at Shippn and instantly start shopping the world.

How to Shop from any country with Shippn?

Choose Your Host

Shippn hosts share their spaces in 20+ countries and more than 50 cities. All you have to do is select the country you want to shop from and choose your host to forward your package, anywhere in the world.

Fill Package details

Fill in the details of your package like weight, dimensions and content and Shippn will give you an estimation of the shipping cost. This way you will know your costs even before you purchase your item.

Get your local address and start shopping!

Get your address instantly at Shippn and start shopping from your favorite brands. Make sure to use your new Shippn address as "Ship to" address and get an instant notification when your package arrives at your host's address.

Get your package shipped!

Once your package is in your host's Mailbox, you can adjust your preferences for shipping such as assisted customs clearance. Then you can confirm your order and your package will be shipped.

Your package on your doorway!

Receive your package in 1-5 business days* via trusted logistics partners DHL, UPS and FEDEX and enjoy the convenience of shopping the world with Shippn.

How to Shop from any country with Shippn?

* Delivery times differ for country of origin and destination countries.