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Summertime is almost here! You should make sure to have the right bag. It doesn’t have to be the most efficient bag; it should be the trendiest one. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed if you come for the crochet and raffia. You just know it when you feel it. There are many more desirable options in our summer 2024 bag trends, from the elegant compact silhouettes that add a feminine touch to your outfit, to the wonderfully spacious carryalls and duffles that are as lively as you are.

What Bags Are In Style For 2024?

This summer, playful touches such as netting are inevitable for your bags. Nothing screams summer more than a bucket, netted, or striped bag. Consider adding spacious, chic barrel bags to your collection for brunch with your best friends or a night out in this steamy weather. Embellished bags are still very much in fashion. Let’s dig for some summer bag inspiration.

What Is The Latest Handbag Trend?

Barrel bags, crocheted bags, slouch handbags, and more. This summer, you can combine your outfits with those great handbags for a fantastic look on the beach, at a wedding, or on a business casual day. Here are some great pieces that we loved for your 2024 summer look:

Barrel Bags

Barrel bags are timeless handbags that come from the 2000s to today. You may remember Louis Vuitton’s Papillon bags or maybe Takashi Murakami x LV Papillon handbags. Also, brands like The Row and Marc Jacobs continued revamping those cylindrical bags. Today, barrel bags are almost everywhere. You can see them on streets or in the Fall 2024 New York runways. You can check Telfar Medium Duffle Bag or Urban Sophistication The Crayon Bag for your summer look.

Crocheted Bags

Crocheted purses or netted bags, like crocheted dresses or shoes, are the answer for the bohemian summer vibe. They are not only for winter now. You can find good options like the Rhode Dante Bag or the Maria La Rosa Game Striped Crochet Clutch Bag.

crochet bag

Slouchy Bags

If your style is boho chic, slouchy purses, like crocheted handbags, will be indispensable pieces of your summer wardrobe. You can also opt out of a slouchy tote bag or slouchy hobo bag while visiting a gallery. Everyone needs these bags all summer long to store everything you need. You can find some good options from The Row or Hammitt.

Lady Bags

For some Fashionistas, this summer might just be all about the Swans. Top-handle bags with a ’60s-inspired design provide a sophisticated and elegant option for complementing your summer outfits. These small accessories are great for taking only the things you need. They add a nice touch to your outfit and keep you organized while you’re out and about. Combine them with stylish linen pants and your preferred kitten heel for an effortless elegant look.

Sustainably Minded

Sustainable-minded brands like Polène, Advene, and Coachtopia are also in summer trends. Don’t forget! Every day is Earth Day and you can make a difference by choosing sustainable options like recycled bags.

Which Country Is Famous For Bags?

When saying which country makes the “best” handbags, “best” can mean many factors like style, quality, craftsmanship, and brand reputation. But also some countries have a reputation for specific attributes on the best bag design according to bag trends. Here are the countries known for their famous brands with great bags.

Italy – Capital of the Fashion

Italy is known for luxurious leather goods, and its artisans craft great bags and shoes with timeless sophistication and elegance. Especially, Florence and Milan are the fashion capitals of the world. Prada crochet bags, Fendi, and Gucci stand out with gorgeous details.

France – Parisian Elegance

Paris is home to iconic brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, which boast impeccable craftsmanship. French brands boast a legacy of elegance with their designs and captivating pieces. 

Spain – Contemporary Designs & Traditional Leather Craftsmanship

Spanish artisans harmoniously blend contemporary designs with traditional leather craftsmanship for their handbags. In this regard, Loewe and Balenciaga come to the fore, as well as premium no-brand manufacturers.

Owning a good piece of designer bag is a dream for many women. It reflects your personality and gives you confidence. Here are some trending designer bags that you can check:

Of course, there are more brands that you can carry their handbags for this summer. Those are the ones we loved! Let us know your favorite brands for handbags for this summer as bag trends.

Here Are Some Tips For Styling Trendy Summer Bags

Casual Chic: For a stylish but laid-back summer look, wear a woven straw tote or shoulder bag with a flowy maxi dress. To finish off the laid-back look, add some oversized sunglasses and shoes.

Cool for the City: For adventures in the city, wear a structured satchel or a small bucket bag with high-waisted denim shorts and a graphic T-shirt. Add a light blazer and boots for a stylish and useful outfit that’s great for getting around town.

Beach Babe: Are you going to the beach? Pick out a crochet beach bag to take your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good book along with you. Put it on with a light cover-up or a towel for a stylish beach look that goes from the sand to the shore without a hitch.

For Festival Fun: wear a crochet crossbody bag with fringe or embroidery with a flowy peasant top and jean cutoffs for a boho look. Add ankle boots, stacked jewelry, and a wide-brimmed hat for extra sun protection to finish off the festival-ready look.

Date Night Glam: Add a touch of class to your evening outfit with a sleek clutch or a metal chain bag. You can wear it with a flirty sundress or a fitted jumpsuit for a stylish yet summery look. Add more glitz with a pair of strappy shoes and earrings that make a statement.

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