A Chance to honor your Parents


Each year, on the 1st of August, we celebrate “Parents Day”.

The celebration of Parents’ Day officially took place in the United States in 1994 thanks to the sincere efforts of former US President Bill Clinton.

#RespectforParentsDay is an event honoring the contribution of parents towards their children as well as the community. Thus, it is also an occasion to raise the awareness of children to the sacrifices parents do as well as to teach them the Notion of respect in general. A parent’s face is the first thing a child sees. They offer the first expression of love and the first feeling of security and countless others. Thanks to the guidance and the devotion of parents, children learn to love, to share, to care, to be responsible, and to make the right decision.

SHIPPN have listed the top 5 reasons why your parents deserve your respect:

They are always there for you

Parents will always analyze what is best for you and offer you sound advice.

Their utmost wish is your health & wealth.

Parents will always hope for your happiness and would do their best to guide you towards a happy life

They are proud of all your achievements.

Whether it is a drawing from kindergarten, a picture from a Soccer game, or University graduation, your parents would appreciate everything that you do.

They raised you.

They have put a lot on stake, devoted their time, money, love, patience, and health to help you become the person you are today.

They will not be here forever.

Leave no regrets behind and make sure that every second spent with them counts.

Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate love & solidarity, and to honor your parent’s commitment & devotion. Spend the day with them, invite them to a good dinner, or maybe cook a meal for them, get them tickets to a SPA. Show them how you feel!

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