With the development of technology and the increase in logistics services, e-commerce sites have become very useful for everyone. Now, when buying a product, it is not a big problem whether that brand sells in your country or not. You can quickly bring a product from abroad thanks to the e-commerce sites increasing their service quality daily.

There are many e-commerce sites that sell in the textile, cosmetics, stationery, and technology sectors. While some are reliable, others market their products with zero assurance, without offering any guarantees. Therefore, users also have to deal with various problems.

Well, do you know what are the risks of bringing products from abroad? Although technology has improved and logistics services have increased, you may face many risks because of these unsafe e-commerce sites. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to be prepared for these dangers and test the security of the site you are shopping for.

1- Customs Processes

Although most of the users who shop on e-commerce sites do not realize this situation before they experience it, it is a problem that many people encounter.

There may be different reasons for the product to be stuck in customs. One of the most important reasons is that the product purchased by the consumer is thought to be for commercial purposes. In other words, when shopping abroad, you should pay attention to the price and quantity of the products you buy.

When you buy different colors of a product you want, this does not pose a problem, but when you buy more than one of the same products, the product you purchased may be caught in customs, even if you perform this action without a commercial purpose.

The weight of the product you buy should not exceed 30 kilograms gross. Although this condition is not a big problem for consumers who want to buy textile products, it is important to know the weight limit of the purchased product. Working with a company where you can easily reach and ask questions about customs processes will prevent your order from being stuck in customs.

2- Delivery Time

It is a very common situation that the delivery time of the product you order from abroad is extended. In addition to a delay of two to three weeks, this problem may extend to a much longer period.

The extended delivery time may be due to many different factors. Frequent problems include sending the product you purchased to the wrong addresses during the journey and being delivered beyond the normal delivery date due to these address confusions.

In addition, some e-commerce sites may not allow cargo tracking. For this reason, the company that brings your order should definitely be a company that you can easily contact, see the cargo tracking of the product you purchased and make a commitment to deliver it quickly.

3- Bringing the Right Product

Getting the wrong product to your address while shopping from abroad can be your worst nightmare. While the cargo and transportation processes take a lot of time, the fact that the product you purchased is not the product you want will prolong this process even more.

Wrong product delivery may cause you to wait for delivery again, and you may have to use a product you do not want because some brands do not allow returns. That’s why you should choose a company that offers a guarantee against such situations.

4- Warranty

Many products you order from abroad do not have a guarantee because you haven’t ordered the product in your country. You can experience this problem not only in products in the field of technology but also in textile and cosmetic products. In other words, even if the invoices for the products you buy come to your address, they are not under warranty.

In order to avoid this problem, you should definitely check whether the product you bought from the e-commerce site you shopped for is under warranty. Although many online shopping sites bring brands you cannot find or buy in your country, they do not sell their products under warranty because they do not have any agreement with the original manufacturer. Therefore, it should be your first choice to choose the products you buy from the official sites of the brands as much as possible.

5- Right of Return

One of the features you should look for when purchasing a product from abroad is whether there is a right to return it or not. Although most websites give the right of return to the consumer, in some cases this right does not apply and they do not accept returns even if the product you purchased over the internet is wrong.

The return period may vary depending on the platform from which you purchased the product. Some give a two-week return period, while others give a week. For this reason, when purchasing products from abroad, you should definitely check whether you have the right to return them.


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