As Shippn, we aim to offer you a Premium service. We are aware that, you, our valued customers have a special, delicate taste. We tried to analyze how the International Coffee Day is celebrated around the globe before few days left to this special day.

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The coffee day before was celebrated on different dates. International Coffee Organization, since 2015, has set October 1st as the International Coffee Day. Millions of coffee lovers are invited to share this love of coffee day and support farmers whose livelihoods depend on coffee.

Within the scope of International Coffee Day, events are organized around the world. While the coffee shop in America Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee distributes free coffee on October 29th, Silicon Allee is organizing a meeting of the International Coffee Day in Berlin. Kobass Coffee plans to bring together farmers and coffee activists with a meeting that reflects the spirit of the day. Workshops will take place at the event that will be held in Indonesia.

One of the biggest events that take place within the International Coffee Day is held on October 1-6  ‘Coffee Festival in Berlin. At the festival, there will be coffee tastings, workshops, and stands that will sell coffee in various aromas. German chocolate flavored coffee and a lot of products that will expand your horizons will also be present.

So what can we do on this day that celebrates the coffee’s journey coming out of the farm and touching our palate?

Most of us wake up to our day with a coffee in the morning. When you wake up to the morning of October 1, you may want to follow a more special way to celebrate the journey of coffee. Experiencing a new coffee bean is a good way to celebrate International Coffee Day. Shippn will bring your coffee to your kitchen with premium service.

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