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Things can get a little confusing regarding clothing and shoe sizes. A size 6 in the United States might be 8 in the United Kingdom. What is a size 9 in the US that might be a size 11 in Europe?

It can all be confusing for shoppers unfamiliar with international sizing standards. This guide is meant to act as a general sizing guide. Some countries may vary in their size, but this should still point you in the right direction.

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Clothing can be tricky to size, especially when you’re not used to the sizing standards of other countries or when the clothing doesn’t always fit true-to-size. This guide should help provide a general idea about what measures are in different countries and how they compare with US clothing sizing.

Women’s Clothing Sizes

This section is dedicated to women’s clothing, including dresses, jackets, coats, blouses, and sweaters. Please note that these are general size guidelines, but you may find that certain brands or manufacturers use their own sizing guidelines.

For the other international sizing systems, simply look up your size in the country that corresponds to yours.

As you may have seen, several European countries have their own system of measuring clothing.

The British sizes are also used in Australia and New Zealand but smaller quantities. Belgian, Spanish, and Portuguese sizes are all based on the French standard. Italian clothing sizes are either very similar to or the same as French sizing, however, there are slight differences between men’s and women’s sizing.

Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are among the countries that utilize the German sizes.

Men’s Clothing Sizes

This section is dedicated to men’s clothing, including suits, dress shirts, and jackets. Again, please note that these are general size guidelines, but you may find that certain brands or manufacturers use their sizing guidelines.

Note: European sizes are available for apparel made in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, and Spain.

As you can see, the sizing systems are not that complicated. You need to know where you fall in with each country’s system, and it will be easy to find the right size clothing items at the right stores.

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Shoes are one of the essential items in a person’s wardrobe. They can make or break an outfit, but it can also be a challenge to find shoes that fit well.

Unfortunately, there is no international standard for shoe sizing, and sizes tend to vary from country to country. This chart provides information on the different types of shoe size systems worldwide, including US men’s and women’s shoe sizes compared to other countries like the UK, Europe, Japan, etc.

Women’s Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes can vary significantly from country to country. A size seven shoe in the United States might be a size 9 in the United Kingdom. This guide is meant to provide a general idea about what sizes are in different countries and how they compare with US women’s shoe sizing.

Please note that these are general size guidelines, but you may find that certain brands or manufacturers use their sizing guidelines.

Once you know your shoe size, you can use the size conversion chart to determine your shoe size in other countries.

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Men’s Shoe Sizes

Finding the right size men’s shoes can be complex, especially when shopping online or from a store in a different country. This guide provides an overview of men’s shoe sizes in the United States and compares them to other countries worldwide.

These are some of the most common countries we have found shoppers are searching for.

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