Exclusive deals, a massive selection of authentic merchandise, world-class customer service, and more: welcome to next-level online shopping courtesy of Amazon France. Whether you want to snag amazing discounts on Amazon books in France or get your hands on the latest Christian Dior handbag, Amazon France is the place to turn to!

Amazon France in a Snapshot

As you might already know, Amazon, the American retail giant, operates several European stores, with Amazon France being their French division. Sure, there are fantastic online stores in Europe, but then there’s Amazon France, the one-stop-shop where shoppers from the US and around the world can find myriads of interesting items.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon France website is not available in English. However, there is a Help section in English. Of course, you can use tools like Chrome’s Google Translate to experience Amazon France in the English language. But to ensure your shopping goes just the way you planned, you can use a Shippn.

Why Buy from Amazon France?

Great Variety and Exclusivity

Variety is what Amazon France is known for. You can expect to find just about any product available from Amazon US, and then some. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, the Amazon France site also features unique items that you won’t find elsewhere, especially spice blends, homeware, cookbooks, bathroom accessories, and so much more.

Affordable Quality

Most resellers on Amazon France have gained a reputation for selling high-quality products at surprisingly low prices. It is not uncommon to find something that’s four or five times cheaper.

Amazon France Customer Service

If you were discouraged by the fact that there’s no Amazon France English version, you’ll be happy to know that their customer service is top-notch. And they do things a little differently. You will have to enter your telephone for Amazon France customer service to get in touch with you and offer help. Your phone will ring almost instantly, and there’ll be a friendly, helpful person ready to assist you on the other end of the line.

If you are accustomed to standard customer service, you will get the feeling that Amazon France genuinely want to provide assistance. Trust us, your queries and issues will be resolved in no time.

Oh, if you’re wondering how you would communicate with the customer service if you don’t speak French? Thankfully, you can get help in a language of your choice. Pick English, German or French, and voila!

Amazon France Shipping

Despite boasting a wide range of merchandise, Amazon France’ international delivery is available on select items only. In fact, Amazon France shipping isn’t available for certain countries at all. Nothing to worry about, though. If you need international delivery from Amazon France, you can use Shippn 

If you want to order delivery from Amazon France, you will need to have a French address for shopping. At Shippn, you can choose from a number of French package forwarding centers to ship your buys to. After receiving your package from Amazon.fr, Shippn will ship it to your address.

Package forwarding service makes it possible to shop at any store in the world without shipping barriers and get packages delivered to almost any location. You don’t have to speak the store’s country’s language, because your personal shopping agent can communicate with the store and Customs for you. Package forwarding is a convenient, safe, and fast way to get items that are either not available or cost too much in your country.