Nowadays, crafters, artists, and makers which are handmade producers or little merchants that sell handmade goods have a serious problem, how to ship products internationally?

How to ship products internationally?
Especially, after the spread of online marketplaces like ETSY, all sellers are facing this common problem. The main reason of the problem is that international shipping process is complicated for the sellers and that’s why they hesitate to ship their products internationally. On the other hand, if the sellers can handle the international shipping issue somehow, they couldn’t be sure of the shipment safety, because most of the products which are needed to ship abroad are fragile or can be easily damaged.

Let’s say we are a seller who sells handmade products on ETSY. We want to ship our products outside of our home country, however, we are worried about shipping cost, shipping safety, and shipping process. It seems desperate, right? Now, we have a simple solution to overcome all these shipping problems and the answer is Shippn. From now on, we can ship our products from our home to anywhere in the world with using Shippn.

How to use Shippn for international shipping?
Well, there is one question left: How to use Shippn for international shipping? Let me briefly explain. Shippn is an international package forwarding community that enables people to shop from abroad. Basically, there are shoppers and hosts in the system. Shoppers need help shopping from abroad to overcome issues with international delivery. Hosts are individuals who can provide their address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. At this point, all crafters, artists, makers, and little merchants can be a Shippn host to overcome their shipping problems. There are 3 basic steps to become a host. Firstly, you need to sign up to Shippn as a host. You can reach our sign up page with the link is here. After registration, we will send you an email including the basic steps you need to do. When you complete all these steps, you will be placed in the host list on our website. That’s all. Now, you can start to ship your products all around the world!

How to Become a Host

What are additional benefits of Shippn?
Also, Shippn provides many additional advantages for people who want to be a host. First of all, with our business partners as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS, your products can be shipped reliably to shoppers. You can even ship an expensive jewelry all around the world safely. Plus, you can ship your packages up to 70 lbs(or 30 kg) via express shipping. We deliver your small or large boxes to the shopper’s doorstep within 1-5 business days! In addition, Shippn offers world class shipping service at affordable prices. Another benefit of Shippn is that you can instantly calculate the shipping fee of the package using our international shipping calculator. So, you know the all shipping costs before you send the package. Apart from all these advantages, you don’t have to use Shippn for only your own business. With helping the shoppers who want to shop from the country you live in, you can create an additional budget for yourself. Start your package forwarding business today 😊

Visit now “” to benefit all these privileges. You can reach further information about our community and contact our customer service without any hesitation at any time. While you focus on your products, we handle the delivery work for you!