Release the Artist within!

A whole day just for coloring!

Over the last decade, coloring books became an evasion from reality, monotony, and stress. Both adult & children coloring books were a popular trend. They usually come in various choices whether abstract images or mandalas or perhaps a “sublime” scenery!

The Celebration of the National Coloring day first took place in 2017. Ever since various means of celebration surged in popularity. It is the day when everyone joins their coloring supplies, effort & time to create a masterpiece. It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your relatives, friends, or even to socialize and make new friendships.

Oldies but goldies!


Thanks to a 256-year-old coloring book found in the library of the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, we could easily say that coloring books are older than we think. The book, titled “The Florist,” was printed around 1760 by Robert Sayer. It was inspired by natural sceneries given the fact that it consisted of drawings of 60 plants and flowers.

Coloring is Therapeutic

  • Travel back in time to your childhood time and find the lost innocence.
  • Have some time-off and leave your stress behind. Coloring is known to reduce anxiety.
  • Reveal your hidden talents and bring to the surface the inner artists within. Creativity always wins!

TOP 3 WAYS TO celebrate THE #NationalColoringBookDay

On the #NationalColoringBookDay you may:

  1. Have a unique experience and discover new colors while learning with AMAZON USA SCIENCE Coloring Activity Book. Science-based fun coloring books for all ages!
  2. Get a Keepsake coloring book from Switzerland, color it to your taste and add tranquility to your house.
  3. Host a coloring party and enjoy coloring “super-sized” pages. Do not miss the great chance to gather with your friends and share your passion altogether.

Get your supplies and get ready for the National Coloring Book Day!

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You can always participate in National Coloring Book Day online by posting your finished coloring and appreciating others. Take a picture of your work and tag it with #NationalColoringBookDay, #coloringbooks, or #coloring and share it with a mention of @shippncom.

So how are you going to celebrate? Share your plans in the comments section below!