What do you think about when you hear the word “game”? Games, whether they are played online or with a board, have always been a big and fun part of our history. Even before technological developments, people found ways to entertain themselves through various acts. Also, games are known to be one of the oldest forms of socializing. Yet, the games we play nowadays are not even remotely similar to the ones we used to play in ancient times. Since today’s technology is more advanced than it had ever been, we learned how to adapt them to our games, resulting in, what we call today, “video games”.

September 12, the Day Dedicated to Gaming

The video games we know today originated in 1940 and kept increasing their worth since that day. But did you know that there was a special day for video games and video games alone? For people who can not keep up, it may seem like in today’s world, everything has its day! To be fair, a day dedicated to games only is not even a new concept. One of the first examples of this may be Games Day, which started in 1975. So, it should be known that humanity has always celebrated its sources of joy.

Check out the list we have made for gamers before shopping!

1- Sakura Backplate

We all know that having a high-functioning computer set increases the quality of gaming. But, some people also care about the looks of their set-up. If you are one of those people, this homemade sakura backplate will satisfy your needs.


2- Wooden Headphone & Controller Holder

Headphones and controllers are used in gaming as much as any other part of a computer such as a mouse and a keyboard. But unlike these other things, they never have a proper place. And if you are dealing with this problem, then this wooden headphone and controller holder can help you.


3- Mouse Pad

This mouse pad can also work as a desk pad since it has a larger surface area than a regular mouse pad. You can put your keyboard and monitor on it, as well as your mouse.


4- RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards with LEDs on have always been a favorite pick for most gamers. So, if you are also interested in that type of keyboard, that would be a great choice. It is also a more sustainable choice since it is both handmade and lasts ten times longer than an average keyboard.


5- Journey Poster

As much as this list is about technological goods, it is not wrong to look for things to spice up your room a little bit. So, we thought a poster inspired by a popular game would be a great fit.


6- Laptop Backpack

For people who do not want to stop playing video games while outside, this waterproof bag can fit a 15.6-inch laptop in it, as well as many other things.


7- Wood Monitor Stand

And, as the last product on our list, here is a monitor stand. If you are looking for a stand that will also blend in with your room, this might be a great fit.


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