When it comes to expecting a baby, all the gifts and joy are turned towards the mother-to-be. That’s no wonder because being a mother is a beautiful thing. But sometimes dads need a bit more attention, too. They will be there for the baby as well, so it’s only fair to get them a present for the baby or themselves from time to time. So, if you have a friend who just became a father, or you are a loving wife who wants to give something to her husband and the baby, take a look at these amazing gifts for new dads. 

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A Sturdy Carrier

It’s a fact that new dads are also going to be carrying the baby for some time, so they will need a sturdy carrier. Dads may have strong arms, but when it comes to babies, even though they are not that heavy, the arms are going to get tired. That’s why a carrier is simple and almost the best solution. So, if you know your friend or husband is going to need one, simply do your research and get them one. They might not like the idea at first, but as soon as they feel the pain in their arms, they are going to be running for it.

A Flexible Bag

Even though a diaper bag is essential for the baby, when it comes to dad carrying, he doesn’t have to feel embarrassed. Usually, diaper bags are all cute, colorful and practically girly, but today that doesn’t have to be the case. However, sometimes it’s hard having two diaper bags, or it might be hard to afford two of them or keep them both stacked at all times. Luckily, there are more neutral diaper bags, that are neither too masculine nor too feminine. This means, both mommy and daddy can use the same bag when they need to carry it outside, which is a win-win situation.

Get Him Something Just for Him

Sometimes, all the gifts are focused too much on the baby and the things we can use to help the baby grow up easier. Even moms will appreciate from time to time a gift that is just for them, and the same goes for dads. This includes practically anything you think a dad might like. From coffee mugs that say the best dad and matching T-shirts for him and his wife, to socks, tools, and some cool gadgets. There are dozens of gifts you can get for a dad, so do your research if you know the dad well and take your pick!

Some Books for the Deeper Voice

According to some research, if both mom and dad read stories to the baby aloud, the kid can develop stronger language skills. However, the main problem with mainstream baby books is that can be really boring or they are filled with characters that you may imagine as having a lighter and squeakier voice. That’s not really something every dad can pull off and enjoy, so you might want to dig for some more interesting books. Look for more adventurous books that have characters with more imaginative voices or even deeper ones so the dad can have some fun while reading to his baby!

Something for Saving Memories

Every family wants all the best and most precious moments documented forever. And if you know that the new family doesn’t have a decent camera, consider getting them quality and reliable digital camera. We all have smartphones that can take thousands of photos, but those might not be of the best quality and it’s sometimes too easy to lose data on the phone. But with a good camera, dad will be able to capture every adorable thing his baby does and have the pics to look back on forever. Plus, if he’s into high-tech gadgets he will have plenty of fun playing with his new toy.

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So, when going to a baby shower don’t forget about the dad. They will be doing a lot of work around the baby as well and they deserve a nice gift. Take a look at this list and see if there’s something that suits the dad in question, but there is no doubt that he is going to be very happy to get a gift.