At Shippn, we believe the world can be more connected, more accessible for all and we believe in the power of the community to make this happen.

The world gets smaller every second. We travel more, we meet more people from every nation, we buy things from all over the world, thanks to the power of information flowing through our smart phones and connecting us to virtually every human on the planet.

Designers, craftsman, merchants all around the world produce amazing things for us to enjoy and enrich our lives. We now know that we are not limited to what is made around us but can reach the farthest parts of the world for different wonders created by others.

Our team at Shippn is working hard to create a network of people helping each other to access the world, to bring you what you believe will make you successful, efficient, empowered or simply, happy.

While trying to make shipments faster, less expensive and more secure, we also want to make sure we decrease our ecological footprint by working with our logistics partners to use more efficient and environmentally friendly tools and processes in every aspect of our business.

So here is to all the people on this beautiful planet: Dream more, create more, make more. We will get them to other dreamers. One package at a time.