On National Dress Day March 6, we celebrate the most versatile and fun article of clothing there is — the dress!

Fashion designer Ashley Lauren founded the day to help pay homage to dresses and the magical moments that happen when we wear them. “I remember the dresses I wore to my prom, first job interview, first date, competing in a pageant, my first red carpet event, the list goes on,” she says. “This is a fun day to cherish and celebrate those memories.”

National Dress Day Activities

1. Remember your dresses

The day was founded as an occasion to remember and appreciate the dresses in our lives. Take the opportunity to look through your closet and old photos and remember the dresses you wore on your most memorable occasions. Maybe make a list of your favorite dresses, or post a collage on Facebook.

2. Wear a dress

The simplest way to celebrate National Dress Day is to wear a dress! Because the day falls during March, it may be cold where you live, and maybe you’ve been wearing pants for months. Use the day as an excuse to get out your favorite dress — no matter how springy — put on some leggings or tights, and make new memories in your favorite garment.

3. Ask a friend or family about her favorite dress

Asking a friend or family member about her own favorite dresses is a great way to get to know someone better. Call your grandma to ask about the favorite dresses of her youth, or ask your mom if she remembers what is like shopping for her high school graduation dress. Get your friends in on the fun, too! Ask friends on Facebook to share memories of their favorite dresses.

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