Summer is ending and the school season is getting closer. So now, students, parents, and teachers are in a rush to go shopping for school supplies. Notebooks, school books, pencil cases, erasers, rulers, pencils, markers, and all kinds of things that come to your mind when you think about the school season are taking their place on the shelves of shops and stationaries, and there are lots of stuff that is pretty new to our eyes. After all, everything around us keeps changing.

The New Age of Stationary

As you may have noticed, the school supplies are on a completely different level compared to the past when students spent the whole school year with a single pen. However, nowadays school supplies have a new purpose, motivating students. The basic materials we use daily represent a whole new aesthetic among teenagers. Most students claim that being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things actually motivates them to study, whether it is a pastel color pencil or a pencil case inspired by a popular TV show. Do not forget to take a look at our list of new generation school items.

Take a look at those items tool

Spiderman Backpack

If you want to go to school with a basic but not so plain backpack, this backpack might be the one for you.


Unicorn and Flamingo Themed Backpack

If you did like the spider-man backpack, but are looking for a pinker and feminine backpack, we believe this one will fit your tastes.


Summer Themed Notebooks

If you ever happen to miss summer during the school year, those notebooks will make you remember it.


Cute Mini Notepads

With these mini notepads that come with a puffy cover, taking notes will be easier and cuter.


Supply Kit

In this supply kit, you can find a pencil sharpener, scissors, stapler, staple remover and staples, and a tape dispenser. Therefore, this kit basically contains all the things you need for school.


Double Sided Markers

With the help of those markers, you can both draw and write anything you want. The duality of those pencils shows itself both when coloring and taking notes.


School Bus That is Also a Pencil Case

This school bus-shaped pencil case also has some marvel characters’ small illustrations on it. With its size, you can carry any pencil you have with you.


Marvel Avengers Lunchbag

It has all your favorite superheroes on the snap lid and a spoon and fork on the inside.


Rainbow Sprinkles Water Bottle

You’ll be making excuses to look at it and keep yourself hydrated!


1/2 Binder – Multicolor

Twin inside pockets holds loose notes and handouts. Add your own personal spin or note inside our plastic clear cover.


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